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We Provide Clarity In Technology

With a fractional CTO you'll get the advice you need without the high costs of hiring a full-time role. Examples of tasks we'll do:

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Don't know where to start with your project?

We suggest a one-hour session to get to know your goals. After the session, we'll create a high-level roadmap of how to get to where you want to be. The roadmap will include high-level costs to help you ballpark a budget.

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Want a second set of eyes?

We'll take a look at your current plan, code base, or tech solution and give you a second opinion on it. At the end of the assessment you'll get a report outlining the project's high-level strengths and weaknesses.

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Need to find a quality candidate in a tech role?

We'll take a look at your challenge and help you find the role that best suits your needs. We'll provide a list of technical interview questions and assess each candidate's technical proficiency during the interview process.

Why us?

Our Top Benefits

Our Canadian-based company delivers a white glove service without compromise. In particular, we are:

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Strong Communicators

We pride ourselves on being effective communicators.

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Excellence Driven

Professionalism and quality craftsmanship are important to us.

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Cost effective

Teams are built to suit your budget and are 100% remote, lowering costs.

Still not sure about us?

What people are saying


It was an absolute pleasure working with you guys. Your team's expertise was critical for this project's success. Thank you very much for all your hard work and determination! Looking forward to tackling future projects together. Thanks again 🙏.

~ Remy M., CEO of The Global Privacy Network

A selection of work

Notable Projects

Ninja Pickle Art

  • Integration of open source stable diffusion and other AI tools
  • Deploy simple Wordpress site to enable payments

University of Toronto Sports and Recreation App Assessment

  • High-level software assessment with solution discovery
  • Recommend a strategy to meet business needs

Global Privacy Network Alpha Release

  • Full mobile platform (like GrapheneOS), application, and service development
  • Infrastructure deployment (DevOps)

Bitcoin Exchange (MVP)

  • Full stack cryptocurrency exchange
  • Assisted with strategic planning

Check out our blog or github page to see some of the open projects we've worked on.

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